2011-03-23 16:47
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I'm using APC to make a upload meter. These are the files:

The problem I'm having is I'm getting nothing when I do the FETCH. I'm taking a look at the APC INFO panel as I'm making the upload and I see that the key upload_XXXXX isn't stored in the cache until the file is completely uploaded!

What am I doing wrong? Do I have something badly configured in php.ini?

I've read here that there's a bug having to do with lightppd.

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我正在使用APC制作上传计。 这些是文件:</ p>

  • 表格 </ li >
  • 上传仪表 </ li>
  • php.ini </ li> </ ul>

    我遇到的问题是我什么也没得到 我做了FETCH。 我正在查看APC INFO面板,因为我正在上传,我发现密钥 upload_XXXXX </ code>没有存储在缓存中,直到文件被完全上传! / strong> </ p>

    我做错了什么? 我在php.ini中配置了什么错误的东西吗? </ strike> </ p>

    我在这里读到有一个与lightppd有关的错误。</ p> </ div>

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