2011-03-23 16:47
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I'm using APC to make a upload meter. These are the files:

The problem I'm having is I'm getting nothing when I do the FETCH. I'm taking a look at the APC INFO panel as I'm making the upload and I see that the key upload_XXXXX isn't stored in the cache until the file is completely uploaded!

What am I doing wrong? Do I have something badly configured in php.ini?

I've read here that there's a bug having to do with lightppd.

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我正在使用APC制作上传计。 这些是文件:

  • 表格
  • 上传仪表
  • php.ini

    我遇到的问题是我什么也没得到 我做了FETCH。 我正在查看APC INFO面板,因为我正在上传,我发现密钥 upload_XXXXX 没有存储在缓存中,直到文件被完全上传! / strong>

    我做错了什么? 我在php.ini中配置了什么错误的东西吗?


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  • dongshuang0011 2011-03-23 19:36

    As discussed in the comments, APC's file upload progress indicator is either unreliable or not functional under FastCGI.

    Your best bet for a upload progress indicator is therefore going to be client-side.

    I'm a big fan of Plupload, an upload widget that supports no less than six backends to provide better functionality than the regular file input type (including the HTML5 File interface in browsers that support it). You can use it standalone with a custom widget of your own design, or you can use the included fancy jQuery widget.

    If you want something a little more oldschool, there's also good old SWFUpload.

    Both of these options will fall back to a normal file input when Javascript is disabled.

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