2017-08-02 02:09
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I have table item which has a JSON column sku_purchase_price. There are some rows like that:

enter image description here

I tried to retrieve those rows from DB by Eloquent:

$items = Item::where('sku_purchase_price', '[]')->get();

but it returns a collection with zero results.

So, how to retrieve those row from DB by Eloquent?

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我的表 item 有一个JSON列 sku_purchase_price 。 有类似的行:

我尝试从DB中检索这些行 Eloquent:

  $ items = Item :: where('sku_purchase_price','[]') - > get(); 



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  • douxing8939 2017-08-02 02:53

    Um there is something not quite right in your code base earlier on if it's inserting empty arrays.

    You need to find the code that is inserting into this table and check if there is an empty array being created and if there is, pass through an empty string or nothing if it's not a required field.

    However if you want to select them using Eloquent you would do:

    $items = Item::where('sku_purchase_price', '\[\]')->get();

    But yes, don't do this, find the actual problem in your code first rather than trying to select empty arrays from the db...

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