douxuanou2787 2013-04-25 12:52
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I want to filter my bugs in MantisBT 1.2.14 only by a defined custom filter. I can load the filter from the database by using

$t_filter = filter_ensure_valid_filter( filter_get_row($t_filter_id) );

Then I try to get the rows by this filter with:

$t_rows = filter_get_bug_rows( $f_page_number, $t_per_page, 
                               $t_page_count,$t_bug_count, $t_filter );

with all paramaters but $t_filter equals null. Here it turns out, that always all bugs are loaded.

I tried

$t_rows = filter_get_bug_rows( $f_page_number, $t_per_page, $t_page_count, 
                               $t_bug_count, $t_filter, $t_filter['project_id'] );

which should set the project to filter on, but with no success.

I Also tried to do it like it is done in the view_all_bug_page.php of mantis:

$t_rows = filter_get_bug_rows( $f_page_number, $t_per_page, $t_page_count, 
                               $t_bug_count, null, null, null, true );

But here (I guess) it is additionally using the current project from cache for filtering.

Is it possible to use only advanced custom filters on bugs in MantisBT, and how?

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