2018-01-24 17:33
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将$ _POST变量分配给PHP Mailer()参数

How can one assign $_POST variables to the PHP mailer() 'From:' header parameter?

Here's what I tried:

$header= 'From: $_POST["eaddress"]';

mail($toEmail, $formSubject, $formComment, $header)) {

The subject and comments are working correctly, but the From: turns the variable into a string.

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如何将$ _POST变量分配给PHP邮件程序()'From:'标题参数?</ p>

以下是我的尝试:</ p>

  $ toEmail =“”; 
 $ formSubject = $ _ POST [“esubject”];  
 $ formComment = $ _ POST [“comment”]; 
 $ header ='From:$ _POST [“eaddress”]'; 
mail($ toEmail,$ formSubject,$ formComment,$ header)){\  n </ code> </ pre> 

主题和注释正常工作,但From:将变量转换为字符串。</ p> </ div>

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