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I have the following query I am putting together.

$lineItems      = $em->createQueryBuilder()->select('invitems.unitprice,invitems.quantity,invitems.tax,invitems.scrapetax')
                                      ->from('AppBundle:InvoiceLineItems', 'invitems')
                                      ->leftJoin('invitems.invoiceId','inv') //StoreID is present in the invoice so only need to leftjoin here
                                      ->where('inv.companyId = :companyId')
                                      ->andWhere('si.id = :storeId')
                                      ->andWhere('inv.created BETWEEN :startdate AND :enddate')
                                      ->andWhere("inv.status = 'sent' or inv.status = 'paid'  or inv.status = 'partial' ")
                                      ->setParameter('startdate', $startDate)
                                      ->setParameter('enddate', $endDate)

The query runs without crashing but does not work since I know I have database entries that belong to a store for the invoice. It currently returns 0 entries. I verified $store['id'] is giving correct ID so its not a silly error. Removing that line and its parameter reference returns rows just fine otherwise.

The problem is this line, ->leftJoin('inv.storeId','si')

Am I allowed to left join on a property that came from another left join? The reason I need to do this is the lineitems do not have reference to the storeID and only invoice does.

I can't find in the documentation anything about this subject in particular.

I tried this also without any success.

->andWhere('inv.storeId = :storeId')

Essentially what I'm trying to do is this:

InvoiceLineItems has reference to an Invoice. Invoice has reference to a Store

I'm trying to get access to the invoice object (which works currently) but then access to the store object that the invoice object holds.

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