2017-09-28 21:32
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I am using Hostgator for hosting to start, I have the file location of the website set to public_html\WebsiteName\Public (where public is the directory for the CakePHP.

I am trying to run bin/Cake bake and I receive the following error:

Minimum PHP version: 5.6. You are using: 5.4.45.

I have verified that the all the directories leading up to and including the CakePHP folders are 7.0 or 5.6. When I do a php -v i get version PHP 5.6.30 in all those folders as well.

Is there anything I can do to choose what version cake bake uses? What might I be missing here?

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我使用Hostgator进行托管启动,我将网站的文件位置设置为 public_html \ WebsiteName \ Public (其中public是CakePHP的目录。

我正在尝试运行 bin / Cake bake ,我收到以下错误 :


我已经验证了导致并包括的所有目录 CakePHP文件夹是7.0或5.6。当我在所有这些文件夹中执行php -vi获取版本PHP 5.6.30时。

我有什么办法可以选择什么版本的蛋糕 烘焙使用?我在这里可能会缺少什么?

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  • dongshaoxiong0012 2018-09-28 04:07

    That is your webserver problem. There is nothing to do with cake bake.

    Find a way to configure which php version that you have to use.

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