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I have a sharded MongoDB setup.

I'm trying to connect to it from my Laravel application

Before I sharded my database I was using laravel-mongodb to connect to my regular mongodb instance.

This was my previous config

'mongodb' => array(
        'driver'   => 'mongodb',
        'host'     => env('MONGODB_HOST', 'localhost'),
        'port'     => env('MONGODB_PORT', 27017),
        'username' => env('MONGODB_USERNAME', ''),
        'password' => env('MONGODB_PASSWORD', ''),
        'database' => env('MONGODB_DATABASE', ''),
        'options' => array(
            'db' => env('MONGODB_AUTHDATABASE', '') //Sets the auth DB

I tried to update the MONGODB_HOST to the sharded query router hostname but I am now getting the error

[MongoConnectionException] Failed to connect to: Authentication failed on database 'admin' with username 'maxrosecollins': auth failed`

I can see in the logs on the server

2017-09-05T14:42:36.558+0000 I NETWORK [thread2] connection accepted from #41615 (1 connection now open) 2017-09-05T14:42:36.560+0000 I ACCESS [conn41615] authenticate db: admin { authenticate: 1, user: "maxrosecollins", nonce: "xxx", key: "xxx" }

2017-09-05T14:42:36.562+0000 I ACCESS [conn41615] Failed to authenticate maxrosecollins@admin with mechanism MONGODB-CR: AuthenticationFailed: MONGODB-CR credentials missing in the user document

2017-09-05T14:42:36.563+0000 I - [conn41615] end connection (1 connection now open)

I can connect to the query router using the following. This is on the same server I am getting the auth failed error when using laravel. I have double checked passwords and usernames

mongo -u "maxrosecollins" -p "password" --authenticationDatabase "admin"
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    douluolan9101 douluolan9101 2017-09-12 09:43

    I worked out my laravel-mongodb install was version 2 which doesn't support the SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication mechanism.

    I used composer updateto upgrade to version 3 which also meant upgrading the php mongo adapter along with a lot of other dependencies.

    I then ran db.adminCommand({authSchemaUpgrade: 1}); see upgrading auth

    After this I could authenticate with my mongo query router

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  • doudou5101 doudou5101 2017-09-07 21:22
    'connections' => [
         'mongodb' => [
          'driver'   => 'mongodb',
          'dsn' => 'mongodb://,,',
          'database' => 'homestead',

    i can connect like this to my cloud atlas

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