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Suppose i'd like to display title of latest articles. for particular Views , we use controllers to handle that. but for common section of pages like header or footer , How to display data(latest articles) from database (within MVC rules) ? Note: I use php

Please check my approach:

app class:

class app{
    public static function appLoader($app){
        include 'apps/'.$app.'/'.$app.'.class.php';
        new $app;

test.class.php :

class test extends app{
    function __CONSTRUCT(){
        return 'Hello World';


<?php echo app::appLoader("test") // returns 'Hello World' ?>

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假设我想显示最新文章的标题。 对于特定的 Views , 我们使用控制器来处理它。 但是对于页眉或页脚的常见页面部分, 如何从数据库(在MVC规则中)显示数据(最新文章)? 注意:我使用 php < 请检查我的方法:

app class:

class app {
 public static function appLoader(  $ app){
 include'apps /'.$ app。'/'。$ app。'。class.php'; 
 new $ app; 


  class test extends app {
 function __CONSTRUCT(){
 return'Hello World'; 
  } \ N} 

<代码> footer.php

&lt;?php echo app :: appLoader(“test”)//返回'Hello World'?&gt; 
&lt; / footer&gt; 
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  • drslez4322 2016-03-16 12:10

    Note: This is w.r.t .Net MVC

    If you are following MVC pattern - then there's a concept of "Partial Views" - which is just like user controls, and it can be placed in the main page.

    Partial view is also an html page which might just div, no html body head etc because it will be rendered inside main html page

    You might need to verify the syntax for Partial Views with PHP. The concept remains same for MVC.

    There are various ways to display partial views.

    One popular way is the one where Partial view is called by its action method - which will ultimately display the result(the partial view).

    The Action method will return a "_Footer" Partial view - where you can put your HTML Code of displaying the data from DB(the latest articles).

    The partial view must bind from the list of articles. which is popularly known as Strong Type Binding in .Net - which is nothing but mapping the view(HTML page) to a specific class to display the data from that class.

    For your reference the below example can be referred(in .Net):

    Create a partial view for footer(_Footer) and call it using Action Method(RenderAction - .Net). This action method can fetch the data from database and display in the partial view(_Footer)

    The call to the action method be like from the view(html page):

        @{ Html.RenderAction("Index", "Footer", new { Area = "Common", id}); }

    And the Controller and action method like:

        public class FooterController : Controller
            public ActionResult Index(int id)
                var vm = new FooterViewModel
                    Id = id
                return this.PartialView("_Footer", vm);
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