douzhu3654 2016-01-26 08:17
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Google API:缺少refresh_token(访问类型=离线)

I'm trying to connect my webapp to google drive. So I'm using PHP with official Github PHP client code [ ].

I followed the quickstart [ ] for v2, because PHP client is for v2 only.

Then I added a line to request offline access. [See]

My app code, developed using Yii 1, but it's not important, is:

    $client = new Google_Client();
    $client->setApplicationName("Google Drive Client");
    $client->setRedirectUri( Yii::app()->createAbsoluteUrl("site/googleApiLoginCallback") );    


    if (file_exists(CREDENTIALS_PATH)) {
        $accessToken = file_get_contents(CREDENTIALS_PATH);
    } else {
        // Request authorization from the user.
        $auth_url = $client->createAuthUrl();
        header('Location: ' . filter_var($auth_url, FILTER_SANITIZE_URL));

    // Refresh the token if it's expired.
    if ($client->isAccessTokenExpired()) {
        $refresh_token = $client->getRefreshToken();
        // CVarDumper::dump($refresh_token,2,true);
        file_put_contents(CREDENTIALS_PATH, $client->getAccessToken());
    return $client;

This is the code for handling the OAuth callback. I simply set the access token received, then redirect to the page.

public function actionGoogleApiLoginCallback($code)
    $client = new Google_Client();
    $client->setApplicationName("Google Drive Client");
    $client->setRedirectUri( Yii::app()->createAbsoluteUrl("site/googleApiLoginCallback") );    


    $accessToken = $client->authenticate($code);
    if(!file_exists(dirname(CREDENTIALS_PATH))) {
      mkdir(dirname(CREDENTIALS_PATH), 0700, true);
    file_put_contents(CREDENTIALS_PATH, $accessToken);

    $preGoogleApiLoginRoute = Yii::app()->user->getState("preGoogleApiLoginRoute", null);
    if ($preGoogleApiLoginRoute) 
        $this->redirect(array( $preGoogleApiLoginRoute ));
    } else  {

When user the first time access the page, my webapp sucessfully redirect to Google Login; user do login, and Google redirect user to my website at site/googleApiLoginCallback. I set the received code as accessToken and redirect user to the page of webapp he come from.

It works.

BUT: After a while, when user came back to the page, tyhe token is expired. When it's executed the $client->getRefreshToken(), it returns a null, so $client->refreshToken() throw the following error because of missing refresh token

Error refreshing the OAuth2 token, message: '{ "error" : "invalid_request", "error_description" : "Missing required parameter: refresh_token" }'

What am I missing or doing wrong?

For reference: this is my json access token. As you can see I've not a field named 'refreshToken' as I expect

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  • dongzhuo2371 2016-01-26 09:15

    From this StackOverflow question I see that statement

    in order to obtain a new refresh_token after already receiving one, you will need to send your user back through the prompt, which you can do by setting approval_prompt to force.

    It pointed to this old blog post by Google.

    So I added




    And now I've the resfresh token.

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