2015-09-16 17:13
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How i can store images into amazonaws server instead of storing on my hosting!

i have a PHP code that store images in my hosting/web dir. but i want to store them on amazon server!


$targetfolder = "testfolder/";

i want to make target folder in amazon!

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我如何将图像存储到amazonaws服务器而不是存储在我的主机上! < 我有一个PHP代码,可以在我的主机/ web目录中存储图像。 但我想将它们存储在亚马逊服务器上!


  $ targetfolder =“testfolder /”; 


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  • duanjiao8871 2015-09-16 17:27

    There are tons of tutorials on this, but here is the general process

    1. Create an AWS account (if you don't have one setup already)
    2. Create a S3 Bucket
    3. Create an IAM user without login permissions
    4. Add a policy to the IAM user to allow permissions to view and add resources the S3 bucket
    5. Create security access keys for the IAM user
    6. Use some method with the new security access keys to manipulate content in your bucket from your hosted server.

    Methods to interact with your bucket include:

    I suggest from the OP your best bet would be to use the PHP SDK.

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