douna6802 2015-04-15 11:57
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I am using simple_html_dom script to gather certain information from external pages.

The script I have been using worked pretty well until today. I tried to look for where the error came from and it seems the file_get_html function is not working anymore, only on certain URLs.

The basic code I am using is:

<?php include_once('../simple_html_dom.php'); 

echo file_get_html('')->plaintext; ?>

When executing this, I have a blank page on my OVH shared server. It seems the page returns a 503 error, even if the page actually exists. I am able to extract the content of the page from other servers (like AWS) however. What troubles me is that it's been working for 4 months now without any issue.

I made sure the MAX_FILE_SIZE of the simple_html_dom was increased but could not find any solution to this.

Any idea to solve the issue?


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  • dsf4s5787 2015-04-15 11:59

    Try this:

    $result = file_get_html('');
    echo $result->plaintext;
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