2014-09-09 19:35
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I have a cron that's set to run every ten minutes that works fine if I execute the file manually by entering

php register.php

But, my cron will not execute this file once it includes anything cURL related. My cron is as follows

*/10 * * * * /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/register.php 

I know that the cron is getting the correct file because at the very top of it, I put php's mail function to send me an email so that I know it was executed. But, anything cURL related will not execute. There aren't any global variables or server variables in the script, so that isn't the reason. I've checked both the crontab and the php error logs and nothing is there pertaining to this issue.

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我有一个设置为每十分钟运行一次的cron如果我通过输入手动执行文件就可以正常运行</ p>

  php register.php 
 </ code> </ pre> 

但是,我的cron一旦包含任何 cURL就不会执行此文件 </ code>相关。 我的cron如下</ p>

  * / 10 * * * * / usr / bin / php /var/www/html/register.php 
 </ code> </  pre> 

我知道cron正在获取正确的文件,因为在它的最顶端,我把php的邮件功能发送给我一封电子邮件,以便我知道它已被执行。 但是,任何与cURL相关的内容都不会执行。 脚本中没有任何全局变量或服务器变量,因此这不是原因。 我已经检查了crontab和php错误日志,没有任何与此问题有关。</ p> </ div>

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