2010-11-22 04:35

AJAX在PHP应用程序中长轮询REST API / Memcached

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No, I'm not trying to see how many buzzwords I can throw into a single question title.

I'm making REST requests through cURL in my PHP app to some webservices. These requests need to be made fairly often since much of the application depends on this API. However, there is severe latency with the requests (2-5 seconds) which just makes my app look painfully slow.

While I'm halfway to a solution with a recommendation to cache these requests in Memcached, I'm still not satisfied with that kind of latency ever appearing within the application.

So here was my thought: I can implement AJAX long-polling in the background so that the user never experiences the latency outright. The REST requests/Memcache lookups will be done all through AJAX at a set interval.

But this is all really new to me and I'm not sure if this is the best approach. And if I'm on the right track, I do know that PHP + Apache is not going to handle something like this well. But PHP is the only language I know. I'd ideally like to set up something like Tornado in Python, but I'm just not sure if I'm over-engineering right now or not.

Any thoughts here would be helpful and much appreciated.

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