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I am a totally new in symfony2. I met a situation which I can't solve till now. I have a controller, formtype and eventsubscriber in my project. The form builds by binding the entities. In that case for a particular entity I need to add a default value along with an ID in one of the form fields. My form type is

$builder->add('breed', EntityType::class, array(
      'label' => 'Breed',
      'class' => 'AppBundle:Masters\Breed',
      'placeholder' => '----Select Breed----',
      'query_builder' => function (EntityRepository $er) {
          return $er->createQueryBuilder('b')
          ->orderBy('b.sortOrder', 'DESC');
     'choice_label' => 'breed',
$builder->addEventSubscriber(new BreedSubscriber($factory));

My Event Subscriber is

private function addBreed($form, $breedmasterId) {
 $form->add($this->factory->createNamed('breed',EntityType::class,null, array(
  'class'         => 'AppBundle:Masters\Breed',
  'placeholder'   => '----Select Breed--------',
  'choice_label'  => 'breed',
  'required'      =>  TRUE,
  'mapped'        =>  false,
  'query_builder' => function (EntityRepository $repository) use ($breedmasterId) {
         $qb = $repository->createQueryBuilder('bm')
                ->where('bm.breed = :breedmasterId')
                 ->setParameter('breedmasterId', $breedmasterId);
                return $qb;
                'auto_initialize' => false

I need to add a default value such as "General" along with an "id" in the addBreed subscriber and it need to be validate on formsubmission. Thanks in advance for the help.

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我是symfony2中的新手。 我遇到了一个到目前为止我无法解决的情况。 我的项目中有一个控制器,formtype和eventsubscriber。 表单通过绑定实体来构建。 在这种情况下,对于特定实体,我需要在其中一个表单字段中添加默认值和ID。 我的表单类型是</ p>

  $ builder-&gt; add('breed',EntityType :: class,array(
  'class'=&gt;'AppBundle:Masters \ Breed',
'占位符'=&gt;'----选择Breed ----',
'query_builder'=&gt; function(EntityRepository $ er){  
返回$ er-&gt; createQueryBuilder('b')
  - &gt; orderBy('b.sortOrder','DESC'); 
 $ builder-&gt; addEventSubscriber(new BreedSubscriber($ factory)); 
 </ code> </ pre> 

My Event Subscriber </ p> < pre> 私有函数addBreed($ form,$ breedmasterId){ $ form-&gt; add($ this-&gt; factory-&gt; createNamed('breed',EntityType :: class,null,array(\ n'class'=&gt;'AppBundle:Masters \ Breed', '占位符'=&gt;'----选择品种--------', 'select_label'=&gt;'品种 ', 'required'=&gt; TRUE, 'mapped'=&gt; false, 'query_builder'=&gt; function(EntityRepository $ repository)use($ breedmasterId){ $ qb = $ repository-&gt; createQueryBuilder('bm') - &gt; where('bm.breed =:breedmasterId') - &gt; setParameter('breedmasterId',$ breedmasterId); 返回$ qb ; }, 'auto_initialize'=&gt; false ))); } </ code> </ pre>

我需要在addBreed订阅者中添加一个默认值,例如“General”和“id” 它需要在formubmission上进行验证。 在此先感谢您的帮助。</ p> </ div>

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