2015-12-03 10:25



sometimes my memcached server returns the following error:

Zend\Cache\Exception\RuntimeException' with message 'SERVER FAILED TO ALLOCATE OBJECT'

Can anyone explain what this error mean?

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  • dongxi3859 dongxi3859 6年前

    Problem solved. The memcached memory was full, the error message was a little bit confusing...

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  • dousha2020 dousha2020 5年前

    When there is no more space in memcached, you get this error.

    To get Memcached total usage:

    >> echo "stats" | nc 11211 | grep bytes

    To flush the memory from your memcached server, you can do this from your CLI

    >> echo 'flush_all' | netcat localhost 11211
    >> sudo service memcached restart
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