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CSS没有在Woocommerce Wordpress模板文件中执行

I have a fully functional Wordpress custom theme. I have just installed Woocommerce and followed this guide. I have followed the very basic instructions to copy page.php, rename it and modify the loop. I have done this and am able to use Woocommerce, however in the page.php file, I have a

<?php get_header(); ?>

command, which successfully displays that part of the layout in my normal wordpress pages. However, in the direct clone which is now called woocommerce.php, it is not working fully, The links show up, but without any of the associated css which is linked into the header file. Any ideas why two versions of the same file would mean only one correctly imports / interprets the css?

Here are the two web pages:

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    douzhimao8656 douzhimao8656 2015-05-27 17:06

    OK, I have fixed this now. It was a dreamweaver issue, when cloning the file and renaming it, dreamweaver didn't seem to catch up with updating the links. I have since manually rewritten the references and it is working, thank for your help!

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