2015-05-20 20:31
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如何将我的sql查询中的join转换为laravel ORM

I'm new in laravel 5 how can i convert this query to laravel ORM

 select `users`.`id`, `users`.`username`, count(`ord`.`id`) As total 
FROM `users`
LEFT JOIN `orders` AS `ord`  ON `ord`.`empolyee_id` = `users`.`id`
AND  DATE(`ord`.`created_at`) = $date
GROUP BY `users`.`id`

I tried this solution but it didn't work correctly

 $orders = Order::rightjoin('users',function($join)  use($date){
        $join->on('users.id', '=','orders.empolyee_id');
        $join->on("DATE(created_at)", '=', $date);
        ->select(DB::raw('count(orders.id) as total, users.username'))

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我是laravel 5的新手如何将此查询转换为laravel ORM

 选择`users` .id`,`users` .username`,count(`ord` .id`)作为总
LEFT JOIN`order`AS`ord`  ON`ord``empolyee_id` =`users` .id` 
AND DATE(`ord` .created_at`)= $ date 
GROUP BY`users` .id` 


  $ orders = Order :: rightjoin('users',function($ join)  use($ date){
 $ join-> on('users.id','=','orders.empolyee_id'); 
 $ join-> on(“DATE(created_at)”,'=  ',$ date); 
  - >选择(DB :: raw('count(orders.id)为total,users.username'))
  - > groupBy('users.id'  ) - > get()
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  • doujiao6872888 2015-05-20 21:16

    Given you select only username and total, you probably want an array instead of eloquent results, that's why lists at the end. If you still want the collection of models, then use get instead.

    $users = User::leftJoin('orders as o', function($join) use ($date) {
          $join->on('users.id', '=', 'o.empolyee_id')
               ->where(DB::raw('DATE(o.created_at)'), '=', $date);
       ->selectRaw('count(o.id) as total, users.username')
       ->lists('total', 'username')
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