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http:/ /ohri.srihari.guru </ p>

请点击购物车链接查看我参考的页面</ p>

我去过 现在制作这个网站一段时间了,我一直在努力弄清楚哪些文件负责显示哪些内容。 有时很烦人,特别是在购物车页面的情况下。 我不需要显示在购物车中显示的所有侧边栏内容,包括“热门帖子”,“最新推文”等,我不知道如何。</ p>

我正在使用AVATHEMES品牌主题。 我正在使用wordpress,当然还有woocommerce。 我已经尝试编辑woocommerce购物车模板页面。 page-templates / woo-cart.php,无济于事。 我修改了brandder侧边栏以从侧边栏中删除大部分不必要的东西,但我不知道如何摆脱这个Twitter提要文本:“LATEST TWEET
No tweet available”</ p> \ n

我甚至把我的推特放在那​​里,但它没有取代@AVATHEMES。 我不知道如何找出它是哪个.php文件。 任何帮助将不胜感激...我想删除这个Twitter提要或可能整个侧边栏,如果只有一种方法来隔离哪个PHP文件生成内容它将帮助我如此多的自定义PHP模板 为WP网站制作...... </ p>
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please click on the shopping cart link to see the page im referring to

i've been making this website for a while now, and I have been struggling in figuring out which files are responsible for what content is being displayed where. it is quite annoying at times, especially in this case with the shopping cart page. I don't need all the sidebar stuff displayed as it is displayed in the cart, with the "popular posts", "latest tweets" etc, and i don't know how.

I'm using AVATHEMES brander theme. and I am using wordpress of course, with woocommerce. I've tried editing the woocommerce cart template page. page-templates/woo-cart.php, to no avail. I modified the brander sidebar to remove most of the unneccesary things from the sidebar but i jsut cannot figure out how to get rid of this twitter feed with the text: "LATEST TWEET @ AVATHEMES No tweets available"

I even put my twitter handle there but its not replacing the @AVATHEMES. I have no idea how to figure out which .php file it is. Any help would be appreciated... I would like to remove this twitter feed or possibly the whole sidebar, and if there was just a way to isolate which PHP file is generating the content it would help me so much going forward in customizing php templates made for WP websites...

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