2014-05-27 17:36
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I need to pass data from an XML configuration file to JavaScript. The application needs to work entirely offline (I'll be using application cache and localstorage) and I was planning to generate the page using PHP. Is there an easy way to place the XML in the outputted document in such a way that it will not interfere with standard HTML parsing but still be easily accessible using JavaScript.

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我需要将数据从XML配置文件传递给JavaScript。 应用程序需要完全脱机工作(我将使用应用程序缓存和localstorage),我计划使用PHP生成页面。 是否有一种简单的方法可以将XML放置在输出文档中,使其不会干扰标准HTML解析,但仍然可以使用JavaScript轻松访问。

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  • doucai4274 2014-05-27 18:03

    If, as suggested by the comments, you can use json instead, then you can set it to an html tags data attribute:

    <?php $settings = array('name'=>'john');?>
    <div id="mydiv" data-settings="<?php echo json_encode($settings); ?>"> <!-- --> </div>

    Then retrieve it in javascript:

    var mydiv=document.getElementById('mydiv');
    var settings=JSON.parse(mydiv.dataset.settings);
    alert(settings.name); //alerts john

    or simply echo it into a script tag:

    <script type="javascript">
        var settings=<?php echo json_encode($settings); ?>;
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