2014-09-18 01:08
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有没有一种可靠的方法将Zurb Foundation CSS框架与CakePHP一起使用?

I'm looking at a major update to an application that is currently just a mashup of raw PHP/HTML/CSS.

I want to use CakePHP MVC as the backend and Zurb Foundation as the front end. Although I can't seem to find a way to connect the two.

I am aware of lorenzo's repo but wasn't sure if there was another way. It seems like this repo is not used whole lot. It hasn't been updated in a couple years. Surely someone has used CakePHP and Foundation together?

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我正在查看当前只是原始PHP / HTML / CSS混搭的应用程序的主要更新 。

我想使用CakePHP MVC作为后端,使用Zurb Foundation作为前端。 虽然我似乎无法找到连接两者的方法。

我知道洛伦佐的回购但是没有 不确定是否有另一种方式。 似乎这个回购并没有被全部使用。 它在几年内没有更新。 当然有人一起使用了CakePHP和Foundation?

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  • douxie1894 2014-09-18 02:55

    Although I can't seem to find a way to connect the two.

    The point is that they're not connected in any way. php and CakePHP (and any other framework) as well produce in most cases HTML as output by default. You're totally free how you write your templates that are used to generate the output.

    One of the key principles of the MVC design pattern is to separate the view from business logic. You'll still use php there but not in the way your mashup does. Just add the CSS file of the Zurb CSS framework to your layout file and apply all the styling in your views accordingly.

    There is no plugin that magically turns all your views into bootstrap or zurb compatible HTML if thats what you're looking for. All the plugins for zurb / bootstrap will just modify some of the CakePHP core helper methods that generate HTML in a way that they'll produce the markup the CSS framework expects.

    I recommend you to do the blog tutorial and read the view and helper section of the manual.

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