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Well i'm learning Symfony (3.3) and i'm little confused about Service Container. In first tutorial the lector show register, login, add post, edit, delete methods in User, Article Controllers. Then in other tutorial, they show same methods but use Service Container (User and Article services) with User and Article interfaces. So .. what is the best practice for implementation in Services instead of Controllers.

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我正在学习Symfony(3.3),我对 Service Container 。 在第一个教程中,lector show注册,登录,添加帖子,编辑,删除用户,文章控制器中的方法。 然后在其他教程中,它们显示相同的方法,但使用服务容器(用户和文章服务)与用户和文章接口。 那么..在服务而不是控制器中实现的最佳实践是什么。

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  • dqwh26750 2018-08-08 09:19

    Controller must implement the application logic like check if it's a post request or if a form is submit etc... Never use DQL or any SQL Request directly inside a controller !

    EDIT In the example i use a find method inside the controller because it's a Repository method but i parse the result inside slugify (my service method)

    Services contains business logic like formatting phone numbers, parse some data etc... Of course you can inject a repository inside a service and call your methods inside it.

    An example:

    //This is a fictive example
    public function indexAction(Request $request) {
         //Application logic
         if(!$request->get('id')) {
             //redirect somewhere by example
         $article  = $this->getDoctrine()
         //Business Logic
         $slug = $this->get('my.acme.service')->slugify($article->getTitle());

    Hope this helps

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