2017-04-25 07:16
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Prestashop 1.6 - 在代码中编辑网站

I am using PRESTASHOP 1.6 and i am trying to edit some page content like class in header. I try edit or delete all TPL files in directory /themes/default-bootstrap and no one make changes on my web page?

How i can edit header or any other part of my page with code?

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我正在使用PRESTASHOP 1.6,我正在尝试编辑一些页面内容,如标题中的类。 我尝试编辑或删除目录/ themes / default-bootstrap中的所有TPL文件,没有人在我的网页上进行更改?

如何编辑标题或页面的任何其他部分 码?

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  • douzhuan1169 2017-04-25 12:29

    As mentioned by ébewè in the comment section, first check that you are using the right theme in Preferences > Themes in your backoffice. Then check in Advanced Parameters > Performance that in Smarty section Never recompile template files isn't checked or use the clear cache option.

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