2015-05-27 03:04
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Prestashop 1.6在功能添加/编辑表单中显示自定义字段

I am able to display my custom field in Feature Value Add/Edit form by overriding AdminFeaturesController and overriding initFormFeatureValue() function.

I want to do the same for Feature Add/Edit form but cannot find function to override. I tried renderForm() function but didn't work.

Which file/class/controller/function should I look into to override Feature Add/Edit form to display my custom field?

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我可以通过覆盖 AdminFeaturesController 并覆盖 initFormFeatureValue()函数。

我想对功能添加/编辑表单执行相同操作,但找不到要覆盖的功能。 我尝试了 renderForm()函数但没有工作。

我应该调查哪个文件/类/控制器/函数来覆盖功能添加/编辑表单 显示我的自定义字段?

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  • dongxiaowei_1234 2015-05-27 20:28

    OK, I fixed it. Actually had to call AdminController::renderForm() instead of parent::renderForm() in my override.

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