2017-01-26 15:06
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I have two tables. Table reports

report_id | user_id | item_id

and reports_messages

report_id | user_id | item_id | messages

I want when I delete report_id on reports all related rows which matching report_id in reports_messages to be deleted too.

In my ReportMessages Model I have this relation

public function reports(){
    return $this->belongsTo('App\Report');

public function item(){
    return $this->belongsTo('App\Item', 'item_id', 'id');

In Report model

public function reportedItem(){

    return $this->belongsTo('App\Item');

public function user(){
    return $this->hasOne('App\User', 'id', 'user_id');

So far I've tried this solution founded here on SO

public function destroy($report_id){


    return redirect()->route('user.ports');

This deletes only in reports.. doesn't delete related report_id's in pivot table. }

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我有两张桌子。 表 reports

  report_id |  user_id |  item_id 


  report_id |  user_id |  item_id | 消息

我想删除 report 上的 report_id 所有与 report_id <匹配的相关行 / code> in reports_messages 也将被删除。


返回$ this-&gt; belongsTo('App \ Report'); 
返回$ this-&gt; belongsTo('App \ Item')  ,'item_id','id'); 


  public function reportedItem  (){
返回$ this-&gt; belongsTo('App \ Item'); 
返回$ this-&gt; hasOne('App \ User',  'id','user_id'); 

到目前为止,我已尝试在此处创建此解决方案 public function destroy($ report_id){ Report :: destroy($ report_id); ReportMessages :: find(1) - &gt; reports() - &gt; where('report_id', $ report_id) - &gt; delete(); 返回redirect() - &gt; route('user.ports'); \ n

仅在 reports 中删除..不会删除数据透视表中的相关report_id。 }

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  • duansaxf095988 2017-01-26 15:08

    Laravel has the functions detach and attach to deal with pivot tables. So you can do this to remove the record in the pivot table:


    This will however not remove the row in the reports table because it could still be linked to another object.

    So, I just noticed, you don't have pivot tables, you only have two models that are linked.

    You don't have to load the reports() relation in your query to remove the ReportMessages, you can just do it like this:


    This will remove the report, and all corresponding reportmessages.

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  • douxiuyu2028 2018-07-08 13:23

    I'm know I'm late but the best option with this kind of relationship, it is best to define foreign keys to particular linking tables in your table " reports_messages" like below

    > $table->integer('report_id')->unsigned()->index(); $table->foreign('report_id')->references('id')->on('reports')->onDelete('cascade'); $table->integer('message_id')->unsigned()->index(); $table->foreign('message_id')->references('id')->on('messages')->onDelete('cascade');

    When you do something like this, the pivot table data will be removed as long as either message or report is deleted from database without a need of detaching methods. Best option in case message or report has relationship with other data,such that when data is deleted message should be deleted automatically, in this case we do not have to worry about detaching data again

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