2015-03-27 10:12
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SFTP传输导致上传文件中的^ M.

I try to upload file from web PHP to shell server and run it with this command (phpseclib)

$sftp->put("$upload", "$imageupload", NET_SFTP_LOCAL_FILE)

It already uploaded but have ^M in the file

This is my file before upload to server



Then this is file from shell server



What should I do with this problem? Have the way to use sftp->put and it's not have ^M?

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我尝试将文件从Web PHP上传到shell服务器并使用此命令运行它(phpseclib)

  $ sftp-> put(“$ upload”,“$ imageupload”,NET_SFTP_LOCAL_FILE)

它已经上传但是 文件中有 ^ M


12345 < / p>



12345 ^ M

67890 ^ M

我该怎么办? 有办法使用 sftp-&gt; put 而且它没有 ^ M

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  • dqthn68688 2015-03-27 11:00

    You are uploading a text file in Windows format to a Unix server.

    Some Unix applications are not able to deal with Windows-style line endings.

    The problem is generally resolved using a text mode transfer. But while the text mode transfer is widely supported by FTP clients and servers, it is supported by few SFTP clients and servers. It's definitely not supported by the phpseclib. The phpseclib supports SFTP protocol version 3 only. And the text mode is supported since SFTP protocol version 4 only.

    So you need to convert the file to Unix format yourself before the upload.

    For a conversion in PHP, see for example: how to convert text file from DOS to Unix line endings?

    For more background, see also my article Why are text file line breaks wrong after the file is transferred or edited?

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