2016-01-18 14:43

可以找出为什么laravel试图在mac os中运行apt-get


I am very new to Laravel and I have been assigned to work on a laravel app.

I installed composer and when i do composer install or composer update i see this in the terminal:

> php artisan optimize
  Generating optimized class loader
> php artisan test:setup
  sudo apt-get install -y xvfb firefox chromium-browser chromium-chromedriver

I don't understand why it is running that command on my mac? How can i disable that?

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  • dongwopu8210 dongwopu8210 5年前

    You are running an artisan command test:setup. As far as i know that is not a standard laravel artisan command.

    Someone in that project probably made a custom command in the app/commands folder that installs those packages for you so you are able to run certain custom tests.

    If you want to remove it: Look inside the app/commands or search your project for a file like testCommand.php and disable the code.

    You can read more about artisan commands in the docs.

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