2017-04-06 14:44
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为什么求和大数据不起作用? (Laravel 5.3)

My code, you can see this below :

public function total()
    $query = User::limit(100000)->get();
    $total = $query->sum('total');

The result of dd($total) not display or empty

But when I change limit(50000), it display the result

Why it does not work if limit(100000)?

Note :

In firefox browser, it does not display anything

In chrome browser, it display error :

This page isn’t working

myshop.dev is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

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  public  function total()
 $ query = User :: limit(100000) - > get(); 
 $ total = $ query-> sum('total'); 
 dd($ total)  ; 

dd($ total)的结果未显示或为空

但是当我更改 limit(50000)时,它会显示结果

如果 limit(100000),为什么它不起作用?



在Chrome浏览器中,它显示 错误:


myshop.dev当前无法处理此请求。 HTTP ERROR 500

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  • dongxiaoguang9108 2017-04-06 14:51

    When you call get, you are fetching all this records from the database. And then performing the sum with php. You are probably having a timeout when fetching that much records from the database.

    Why don't you perform the sum in the database, and then fetch the result?

    public function total()
        $total = User::limit(100000)->sum('total');

    ----- edit -----

    When you perform:

    $query = User::limit(100000)->get();

    The $query variable actually holds the result set of the query select * from user limit 100000. The result set its a collection (see collect), then you are performing a sum on the server-side, something equivalent to:

    $sum = 0;
    foreach ($user in $query) {
        $sum = $sum + $user->total;

    It's better to perform the sum in the database using the proper aggregate function.

    $total = User::limit(100000)->sum('total'); would translate to:

    select SUM(total) from user limit 1000000

    If the result is 0, probably all your result set for the column total is actually 0.

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