donglin7383 2017-07-11 16:16
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I searched online and found the str_pad() function but this is not what I need. I need to automatically add a space at the end of a string.

The string value returned can be my default value or a custom value supplied by an extending developer. If the developer supplies extra characters, which they can, then the str_pad() approach won't always work.

Is there a simple function for this to ALWAYS add one space to the end of a string? Like a trim() but works the opposite?

Here is what I am doing.

str_pad($this->filter('custom_hook_name', FALSE, 'column span-12'), 15);

My default is 'column span-12'

However the developer might return their custom classes as well so the return string value could look something like...

'dev-brand-column span-12'

'dev-brand-col col-12'

// etc...

I need to add a space as the end of the string regardless of the string length.

How can I achieve that? I find nothing that works the opposite of trim() like.

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  • douzhouqin6223 2017-07-11 16:19

    Use rtrim to first remove all whitespace at the end of the string that might be there, then add one space yourself:

    $str = rtrim($str) . " ";
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