2016-05-23 13:37
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I need one help.i need to restrict some css display property with PHP condition.I am explaining my code below.

<div style="width:24%; float:left; padding:10px;display:none;" id="compid">Select Company :


Here initially my div's css property display:none is there.But i need to block this using some php condition like below.

<?php if($getcustomerobj->companypro == 1 and $_REQUEST['edit']!=""){display:block}else{display:none}   ?>

I need to put the above condition inside the style properties.Please help me how to do it proper way.

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 &lt; div style =“width:24%; float:left; padding:10px; display:none;”  id =“compid”&gt;选择公司:
&lt; / div&gt; 

这里最初我的div的css属性 display:none < / code>在那里。但我需要阻止这个使用下面的php条件。

 &lt;?php if($ getcustomerobj-&gt  ; companypro == 1和$ _REQUEST ['edit']!=“”){display:block} else {display:none}?&gt; 

I 需要将上述条件放在样式属性中。请帮助我如何正确地做到这一点。

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  • doumao9363 2016-05-23 13:40

    you can instanciate your display value before outputing :

    $display = ($getcustomerobj->companypro == 1 && $_REQUEST['edit']!="") ? 'block' : 'none';
    <div style="width:24%; float:left; padding:10px;display:<?= $display ?>;" id="compid">Select Company :

    If you want to mix php and html, you can use php tags inside html :

    <p><?php echo $something ?></p>

    or short tags if enabled on your server

    <p><?= $something ?></p>
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  • dongyuan9892 2016-05-23 13:41

    Do something like

    <div style="width:24%; float:left; padding:10px;<?php if($getcustomerobj->companypro == 1 && $_REQUEST['edit']!=""){echo 'display:block;';}else{echo 'display:none;';}?>" id="compid">Select Company :</div>

    add your php and echo in the style attribute

    Hope it helps !

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  • dongli7870 2016-05-23 13:41

    You just need to set a variable to the string you want to use as the CSS property.

    Just for brevity, I tend to use ternaries for this sort of thing:

    <?php $display = ($getcustomerobj->companypro == 1 and $_REQUEST['edit']!="") ? 'display:block;' : 'display:none;'; ?>
    <div style="width:24%; float:left; padding:10px;<?php echo $display;?>" id="compid">Select Company :

    Its not the tidiest solution, you would be better of using HTML classes and separating your CSS, but this should get the job done.

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