2015-09-05 15:50

Google Material Icons as array - 任何想法?


I'm implementing the Google Material Icons into my application -

I would like to be able to populate a select field, so that it displays either the names of the icons, or the icons themselves, with the value of the option being the numeric character reference (so it's compatible with browsers that don't support ligatures - IE < 10).

I want to get all of the icons into an array so I can generate the option elements of the select. So, this sort of thing:

$icons = array(
    "&#xE84D;" => "3d rotation",
    "&#xE84E;" => "accessibility",
    etc. etc.

I would rather not have to sit and manually create this array from all 750 items, so I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for an automated way to do this?

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  • dstxpei5823 dstxpei5823 5年前

    You can load the MaterialIcons-Regular.ijmap json file that comes along with the fonts.

    PHP example show:

    // Get the contents on the ijmap bundled with the icon font
    $list = json_decode(file_get_contents('path/to/MaterialIcons-Regular.ijmap'), true);
    $icons = []; 
    foreach ($list['icons'] as $i => $data) {
        $icons[$i] = $data['name']; 
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  • drwpbrv668670 drwpbrv668670 6年前

    I've managed to do this in a semi-automated way.

    Here's the array for anyone else who might need it: PasteBin

    Hope this helps someone!

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