2013-11-07 16:19
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I'm completely new to GAE. I'm aiming to build a webapp on Google Cloud SQL and GAE, using PHP to write to/from the database. I've got it working locally through the GoogleAppEngineLauncher localhost server, both succeeding at HelloWorld and reading from the Google Cloud SQL through PHP. When I upload to GAE, not even the HelloWorld will work.

One guess would be that PHP is not enabled on my GAE. I clicked the opt-in, and it said I've been whitelisted, but how can I verify it is turned on?

Cheers, Ben

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我对GAE完全不熟悉。 我的目标是在Google Cloud SQL和GAE上构建一个webapp,使用PHP写入数据库或从数据库写入。 我通过GoogleAppEngineLauncher本地主机服务器在本地工作,既可以在HelloWorld上取得成功,也可以通过PHP从Google Cloud SQL中读取。 当我上传到GAE时,甚至HelloWorld都不会起作用。

有人猜测我的GAE上没有启用PHP。 我点击了选择加入,它说我已被列入白名单,但我如何验证它是否已开启?

干杯, Ben

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  • dongluxin6711 2013-11-07 21:46

    There is no whitelisting anymore, anybody can use the runtime.

    Suggest you go to the admin console and look at the logs for your application to try and debug what might be going wrong.

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