2016-11-02 03:41
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Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 805306368 bytes exhausted (tried to
allocate 8192 bytes) in *directory* on line 6

This is the error that's getting thrown when I try and access the page running this script:

$root = '../public_html/';

function proccess($dir) {
    $items = scandir($dir);
    $result = array();
    foreach ($items as $item)
        if (is_dir($item))
            $result[$item] = proccess($item);
            array_push($result, $item);
    return $result;


What I'm trying to accomplish is to build an associative array representing the directory tree in my public_html directory on my server. I'm trying to create a graphical index for myself...mainly just for fun, but this has turned into a learning experience about recursion!

To my eye, this function looks fairly straightforward and I don't have that many files on my unless I've accidentally created an infinite recursion loop, I don't understand why I'm running out of memory.

The loop logic: scan the root directory, then loop through the resulting array. If it finds another directory, set it's name as the key for the $result array and run proccess() again. If it finds a file, simply push the filename to the $result array.

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分配8192字节)  *第6行


   $ root ='../public_html/';
nnfunction proccess($ dir){
 $ items = scandir($ dir); 
 $ result = array(); 
 foreach($ items)  as $ item)
 if if(is_dir($ item))
 $ result [$ item] = proccess($ item); 
 array_push($ result,$ item); 
} \  n返回$ result; 
print_r(proccess($ root)); 

我要完成的是构建一个关联数组 表示我服务器上 public_html 目录中的目录树。 我正在尝试为自己创建一个图形索引...主要是为了好玩,但这已经变成了关于递归的学习体验!

在我看来,这个函数看起来相当简单 我的服务器上没有那么多文件...所以除非我不小心创建了一个无限递归循环,否则我不明白为什么我的内存不足。 < p>循环逻辑:扫描根目录,然后遍历生成的数组。 如果找到另一个目录,请将其名称设置为$ result数组的键,然后再次运行proccess()。 如果找到文件,只需将文件名推送到$ result数组。

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  • dpl57372 2016-11-02 03:49

    The problem is scandir also returns . and .., which mean "this directory" and "the parent directory", respectively. SSo you're scanning the same directory infinitely. Just filter those out..

    foreach ($items as $item){
         if($item=="." || $item == "..") continue;
         // rest of the code here...
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