2014-02-28 01:58
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PHP header()不起作用

I'm trying to redirect the user if their input is not in the database

$checkid = $_POST["id"];

$query = "SELECT id, Status FROM profileinfo WHERE id=$checkid";

$res = mysqli_query($link, $query);

$nres = mysqli_num_rows($res);

if ($nres == 0) {
    header( "Location: login.php"));

And it doesn't redirect .. it just gives a blank page. There aren't any HTML tags before or after, nor any echo's.

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  $ checkid = $ _POST [“id”]; 
 $ query =“SELECT id,Status FROM profileinfo WHERE id = $ checkid”; 
 $ res = mysqli_query($ link,  $ query); 
 $ nres = mysqli_num_rows($ res); 
if($ nres == 0){
 exit(); \  n} 

它没有重定向..它只是给出一个空白页面。 之前或之后没有任何HTML标签,也没有任何回声。

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  • dongmi1995 2014-02-28 02:00

    You have one ) too many in header( "Location: login.php"));


    header("Location: login.php");

    Plus I believe the space between ( and " could also have an effect. I've seen it happen before.

    Sidenote: Using an absolute URL (http://) over a relative one is recommended, as Dagon noted and is also mentioned in the manual on

    Edit: I must admit, I made a slight mistake about the space between ( and " however there is some truth to this as I got mixed up with having a space between " and Location should that ever happen (to anyone reading this); the header will not redirect. I.e.: header(" Location: login.php"); would be invalid. This has been tested.

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