2017-04-26 19:28

如何将数据从Laravel Blade文件传递到Vue实例?

I have a *.blade.php file which sends a GET request to an API. This returns a *.xml file which I am able to parse into the data to be used within the *.blade.php file. How do I go about passing this information to a *.vue file within my application? I've tried passing the data as a prop, but it doesn't seem to work correctly. Is there a best practice to handle this type of task?




$example = data stored from XML file;


<app :example ="example"></app>



{{ example }}

export default {    
    data() {
        return {    


    props: ['example']
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  • dsmvovm27249 dsmvovm27249 4年前

    There's a problem with your approach.

    First of all, don't make HTTP requests in your blade files, do it in the controller, then pass data as variables to blade view('index', ['data' => 'array']).

    Second point: if you want to pass simple data from PHP to Javascript, use echo in a script, example:

        window.Laravel = <?php echo json_encode([
            'csrfToken' => csrf_token(),
        ]); ?>

    Finally, for your particular case, you should have an API endpoint in Laravel that makes the HTTP request, and call it with an AJAX request from Vue JS.

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