2015-04-02 07:05
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I want for products of a specific category to add an additional field with extra cost for packages, as shown here:

Is there any mechanism in Magento by which to do this or require additional module?

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我希望特定类别的产品能够为包添加额外的额外字段,如下所示: a href =“”rel =“nofollow”> < p> Magento中是否有任何机制可以执行此操作或需要其他模块?

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  • duan2428 2015-04-02 08:07

    You can use

    Custom Options

    in order to fulfill your requirement.

    You can add this option from the Magento admin for a particular product. Please refer screen-shot.

    Click to view image

    enter image description here

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  • douzhan6474 2015-04-02 08:17

    The answer that Anx submitted is absolutely right. But you'll have to assign custom option to each product of that category. If you want to repeat the same custom option in multiple products, it will be a lot of manual work. The simplest solution to apply the same custom option to multiple products is through this free extension.

    first, apply the custom option as mentioned by Anx, and then use this extension to copy paste it to multiple products. I used it on my site and it worked fine.

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