2014-01-07 03:16
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在通过AWS PHP SDK创建时使VPC成为默认值

I have successfully created the VPC via AWS PHP SDK. However, I can't see anyways to make the VPC as default VPC for given region.


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When I use below code, all the VPC are defualt to false.

Code to create VPC

$result = $client->createVpc(array(
    'DryRun' => true || false,
    // CidrBlock is required
    'CidrBlock' => 'string',
    'InstanceTenancy' => 'string',

Hope this may allow me to change but No

$result = $client->modifyVpcAttribute(array(
    // VpcId is required
    'VpcId' => 'string',
    'EnableDnsSupport' => array(
        'Value' => true || false,
    'EnableDnsHostnames' => array(
        'Value' => true || false,

Any idea or thoughts how to set Vpc to default? I have check AWS-CLI as well it doesn't have the option to do so.

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我已成功通过AWS PHP SDK创建了VPC。 但是,我无法看到将VPC作为给定区域的默认VPC。


当我使用下面的代码时,所有VPC都默认为 false


  $ result = $ client-> createVpc(array(
)  'DryRun'=> true || false,
 <  / code>  


  $ result = $ client-  &gt; modifyVpcAttribute(array(
 // VpcId is required 
'EnableDnsSupport'=&gt; array(
'Value'=&gt; true || false,
'值'=&gt; true || false,

有任何想法或想法如何将Vpc设置为默认值? 我检查了AWS-CLI,但没有选择这样做。

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  • dtpt75860 2014-01-07 04:41

    You can't. Your account comes with a default VPC. That will remain the default VPC. (unless and of-course AWS technical support has some magic wand behind the curtains to make it happen.)

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