2013-07-25 05:42



I am trying to retrieve some data from server side and then display it using a modal dialog.

here is my dialog box div

<div id="dialog1" title="Some title">
        echo "Data to display within modal dialog box"; 

And here is my JS script

    $("#button1").click(function(){     //button1 is the id for a button

But my issue is that when i load the page,echo gets executed and thus displays on screen. But,when I click on the button,the modal dialog does its work fine and the text on the page displayed initially vanishes.

How can i make the php code visible only when modal dialog appears and not before.

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  • dongmi5607 dongmi5607 8年前

    Just add a CSS to hide your div.

    <div id="dialog1" title="Some title" style="display:none">
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