2011-04-13 22:46
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是否可以通过Facebook api和HOW从UID获取电子邮件哈希值?

I already got the UID and I wanna get email hashes from UID. I also can fetch FQL to get user's name and sex etc but when I SELECT email_hashes it returns empty array. Any help?

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我已经获得了UID,我想从UID获得电子邮件哈希值。 我也可以获取FQL来获取用户的姓名和性别等但是当我选择email_hashes时它会返回空数组。 有什么帮助吗?

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  • duanfu6160 2011-04-14 00:38

    From Facebook's documentation:

    An array containing a set of confirmed email hashes for the user. Emails are registered via the connect.registerUsers API call and are only confirmed when the user adds your application. The format of each email hash is the crc32 and md5 hashes of the email address combined with an underscore (_).

    You don't get this for free just by getting an install - you only get them when you pass them in yourself via the connect.registerUsers API. If you want to e-mail a user, you'll need to get the email permission.

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