2012-01-26 03:49
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the page that i want to get from my php-script contains ajax. So when i do something like: file_get_contents($url);

i receive just the contents with javascript.

is it possible to get the page with all ajax executed?

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我想从php-script获取的页面包含ajax。 因此,当我执行以下操作时: file_get_contents($ url);


是否可以获取 所有ajax执行的页面?

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  • dongye1942 2012-01-26 03:56

    To run javascript contents from javascript coming in through AJAX, you would have to run eval on the script, but you better make absolutely sure the javascript isn't "user-input", otherwise using that, you could have some serious security issues on your hands.

    It's also not good practice to use eval - better to load a js file when you pull the contents through AJAX and have your AJAX success activate a function in the js file.

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