2011-12-27 18:58
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I have two servers. Server A has all the databases. How can server B query server A's database and receive the results with fsockopen()? currently, I can only pass actual text through the socket (i.e. if server A's php code prints out something as in echo). How can I pass through the query results (the resource) in this open socket?

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我有两台服务器。 服务器A具有所有数据库。 服务器B如何查询服务器A的数据库并使用 fsockopen()接收结果? 目前,我只能通过套接字传递实际文本(即,如果服务器A的PHP代码打印出 echo 中的内容)。 如何在此打开的套接字中传递查询结果(资源)?

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  • dst8922 2011-12-27 19:02

    If using fsockopen is the only way you are able to communicate with Server B's database, serializing the results of the query or encoding them in JSON format and writing them to the socket are possibilities.

    Is it not possible to grant read-only access to the mysql server from server A only so you can query directly? Otherwise a REST service would be a good alternative to fsockopen.

    As stated, you cannot pass the resource over the socket as it wouldn't have any meaning on server A anyway. If you tried to pass it over the socket it would probably return a string (i.e. Resource #1)

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