2011-12-21 05:58
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I'm using this code to download a dynamic image file which is already on my server

$url = '';
$img = 'cert.png';

allow_url_fopen is already enabled on the server. but i'm still getting the following error

Warning: file_put_contents(cert.png) [function.file-put-contents]: failed 
to open stream: Permission denied in D:/... on line 42

I saw the same error on another website

I'm new to PHP so i'm a bit confused here. Pls help

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我正在使用此代码下载已在我服务器上的动态图像文件 $ url =''; $img ='cert.png'; file_put_contents($ img,'file_get_contents($ url));

服务器上已启用allow_url_fopen。 但我仍然收到以下错误

to open stream:权限被拒绝 D:/ ...第42行


我是PHP的新手,所以我在这里有点困惑。 请帮助

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  • doushishi6513 2011-12-21 05:59

    This has nothing to do with wrong php code i guess, but file system permissions on your server /host. If you have access via SSH or FTP you can try to modify the cmod settings of your folder / file.


    Your code is wrong, try this

    // this is the path where you need write access on your server
    $imgDestinationPath = '/you/need/a/physical/serverpath/here/cert.png';
    $url = '';
    $content = file_get_contents($url);
    file_put_contents($imgDestinationPath, $content);
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  • dongqindan4406 2014-05-13 14:35

    Instead of command line, I suggest you try with filezilla or some FTP client, right click on the directory and click on file permissions. then tick appropriate permission and click ok. This should work

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