2011-08-30 13:13
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I've been looking at the swfupload demos, I'm wondering is there an alternative to using the PHP script upload.php, i.e. using a JavaScript version.

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我一直在看swfupload演示,我想知道是否有替代使用PHP脚本上传 .php,即使用JavaScript版本。

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  • douyalin0847 2011-08-30 13:25

    You need something running on your server that will accept the uploaded file from the browser and then do something with it, like saving it to directory. PHP is a server-side language which can do this, however, javascript runs in your browser, not on the server, so doesn't have access to save files to the server. It's likely that you have some sort scripting language running on your server, so it should technically be possible. Perhaps asp? cgi? perl?

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