2011-03-05 17:07
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I have just started using XML as I usually use php but I am trying to create a RSS feed so it is necesary. What is the best way of getting the data from my mysql database which I use with php that stores my blog? Is there anyway of using php inside of a XML document or would I have to do it using XML?

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我刚开始使用XML,因为我通常使用php,但我正在尝试创建一个RSS提要,所以它是必要的 。 从我的mysql数据库中获取数据的最佳方法是什么?我使用php来存储我的博客? 无论如何在XML文档中使用php或者我必须使用XML吗?

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  • doutan1857 2011-03-05 17:09

    You are confused. XML is a format to store data, like .doc, .txt or .bmp (for image data).

    If you want to get data from MySQL and put it in XML, you'll need a program that will do this for you.

    You can use PHP to read the data from MySQL, and output it as XML or RSS.

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