2017-10-24 08:05
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Codeigniter - 脚本执行缓慢 - 如何跟踪正确的控制器和方法?

 WARNING: [pool www] child 1911, script 'index.php' (request: "GET /index.php") executing too slow (1.016344 sec), logging

Everything in codeigniter is running from index.php So how can i find which controller and method makes the slow execution?

Is there a way to find it?

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 警告:[pool www] child 1911,script'index.php'(request:“GET /  index.php“)执行得太慢(1.016344秒),记录

codeigniter中的所有内容都是从index.php 运行的。我怎样才能找到哪个控制器和方法 缓慢执行?


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