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Is there a simple way to return more objects with different attribute name in JSON response?

For example I have a User model which has attributes name, password, xy and if I do return User::all(); I will return all users. But what if I want to return a list of custom objects where I will return JSON format like:

    'username' : ...
    'pass': ...
    'xyz' : ...
    'from_related_model' : ...

so I will have name of fields returned differently then they are in DB, and also attach to each returned object an attribute from related model.

I don't want to use mutators as I only want to return like that within one controller. I know I can traverse through object with foreach and make a new object by assigning values, and returning merged object. But is there a simpler way to do this?

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例如,我有一个 User 模型,它具有 name,password,xy 属性,如果我返回User: :all(); 我将返回所有用户。 但是如果我想返回一个自定义对象列表,我将返回JSON格式,如下所示:

'pass':  ... 

所以我将以不同的方式返回字段的名称 然后它们在DB中,并且还从每个返回的对象附加相关模型的属性。

我不想使用mutators,因为我只想在一个控制器中返回。 我知道我可以通过foreach遍历对象并通过赋值和创建一个新对象,并返回合并对象。 但是有更简单的方法吗?

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