2016-10-20 09:34
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We are planning to use a payment gateway that does not have a standard woocommerce plugin. Before we did that, I wanted to know is it even possible to do this?

Basically we will have the API from the Payment gateway (in PHP) and will need to make calls to get a payment processed and send a success / failure response to Woocommerce -

Is this even possible? If so, any leads / documentation on how to do this would be highly appreciated.

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我们计划使用没有标准woocommerce插件的支付网关。 在我们这样做之前,我想知道甚至可以这样做吗?

基本上我们将使用来自支付网关的API(在PHP中),并且需要拨打电话来处理付款并向Woocommerce发送成功/失败回复 -

这甚至可能吗? 如果是这样,任何有关如何执行此操作的线索/文档都将受到高度赞赏。

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