2016-03-06 17:38
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I want to write a program with Yii so that users can have their template.

My solution is that every user has a record in a DB to keep a customized template like HTML code and some syntax like Smarty or Twig.

How can I use PHP to get that records and just print it on the screen and my template engine extracts syntax and shows best results? Is that possible or not? How should I do this?

Really you know if you save php codes in database, when you print them into a file, php codes you saved in database don't run. For me the most important thing is that to save template in database whit php commands and then echo them in a file and php code run same usually.

But is is important to use smarty or twig and don't let users add php codes directly.

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如何使用PHP来获取 记录,只需将其打印在屏幕上,我的模板引擎提取语法并显示最佳结果? 这有可能吗? 我该怎么做?

真的你知道如果你把PHP代码保存在数据库中,当你把它们打印成文件时,保存在数据库中的php代码就不会运行了。 对我来说最重要的是在数据库中保存模板whit php命令然后在文件中回显它们并且php代码通常运行相同。


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  • douqian1517 2016-03-07 14:20

    I found my answer. Just save every thing in database and when load them use eval() function. See documents in php and w3school.

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