douyan3478 2015-12-03 15:46
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I have a many to many relationship set up, between locations and stations. A location can have many assigned stations, but only one can be active. I have a pivot table (station_location) where i'm setting an is_active attribute using a setActive method, however i'm trying to figure out a sensible way to approach setting one to active, and all others to inactive.

I need this to be reusable as i'll have to set it in multiple places (not just from a controller). I wonder if anybody has an idea of how to achieve this?

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  • dsnrixf6765 2015-12-03 16:06

    You can use sync method as below

    ->sync([1 => ['is_active' => true], 2 => ['is_active' => false], 3 => ['is_active' => false]]);

    more here

    PS: 1,2,3 etc in passed array are locations ids.

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