2015-08-10 14:59

使用php API和merge_vars填充mandrill模板


As we know, when using templates, we specify vars like this:

'global_merge_vars' => array(
          'name' => 'my first var',
          'content' => 'content i want to display'

This is nice and all, but becomes a pain if I want to use handlebars to display lists of information (arrays) in my email. I have to create a function to parse the list of data to meet this name-content format criteria. Is there any way around that I'm missing? I'd really like to do something like this:

'global_merge_vars' => array(
          'name_of_var' => 'value',
          'some_array_name' => $myArray,
          'other_array' => $otherArray
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  • dtp0760 dtp0760 6年前

    As the docs point out, that's the way the API is expecting that parameter.

    The send function from the Mandrill_Messages class has this in the docblock:

     *     - global_merge_vars array global merge variables to use for all recipients. You can override these per recipient.
     *         - global_merge_vars[] struct a single global merge variable
     *             - name string the global merge variable's name. Merge variable names are case-insensitive and may not start with _
     *             - content mixed the global merge variable's content

    Maybe write an email to Mandrill, although i doubt they'll consider any changes to their API.

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