2015-07-08 22:53
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In my html page, I have a php iframe that gets its variables from the form using post method. This works fine.

My problem is this: I would like the php iframe to auto-refresh (which it does), but , understandably, I get undefined index errors from php the first time the iframe auto-refreshes.

Is there some way (preferably using only php/html) to allow the iframe to hold on to the variables from the html form after the first load of the php iframe? Isset doesn't seem to be the answer to my problem

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在我的html页面中,我有一个php iframe,它使用post方法从表单中获取变量。 这很好。

我的问题是:我希望php iframe能够自动刷新(它确实如此),但是,可以理解的是,我第一次从php得到了未定义的索引错误 iframe自动刷新。

是否有某种方式(最好只使用php / html)允许iframe在第一次加载php后保留html表单中的变量 IFRAME? Isset似乎不是我的问题的答案

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